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The fall semester of my senior year was filled with working on college applications, trying to boost my SAT scores and balancing a few AP classes. I soon realized that it was going to be difficult to juggle these difficult classes while making time for SAT review. My family found a flyer which advertised Ruby Chen who had knowledge not only in the SAT math portion, but also in the difficult class I was in, AP statistics. I had never had a tutor before and mainly wanted to have help to review things we learned in class as well as help me boost my SAT math score. Not only did Ruby help me raise my math score almost 100 points, but she also helped me raise my grade in statistics, helping me pass the class and the AP test. Like I said, I didn't have much experience with a tutor, but Ruby was so patient and willing to take the time to help me understand the concepts. What I really appreciated about Ruby was that she would ask me what topics we were learning in a class that week and would bring notes and explanations that helped me better understand the material. If we were struggling on a certain problem she would rather stay over our scheduled time than leave my questions unanswered. I am so grateful that Ruby was able to come and help me out at a time that worked with my hectic senior year schedule and I could tell that she really cares about the success of her students.          ----Erika Taylor----

Ruby is a hidden gem. My daughter needs extra help in the math portion of the SAT as her PSAT score showed a big discrepancy between her reading/writing and math scores. She was already enrolled in an SAT review class but I wanted to get her an extra boost with the math portion. Finding a math intensive SAT prep class is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Enter Ruby Chen. She was very flexible with the schedule and her fee was very reasonable. She tutored my daughter at our home. My daughter is scheduled to take the SAT for the first time in March. She will be doing so with more confidence in her math abilities - thanks to Ruby.  I will not hesitate to recommend Ruby to family and friends particularly for SAT Math tutoring.                    ----‎Myra Olives‎----

Ruby is incredible! She is very knowledgeable about the structure of the ACT and provides great tips to ensure that one gets a great score on the test. She truly cares about the success of her students and takes time to teach her students.                   ---Vlad Kravtchenko----

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